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Over the past few years, Lior Nir has captures through the lens hundreds of events: weddings, maternity photo shoots, kids, family, corporate events, company trips and fun days and lots more. Here are some recommendations collected over the years from our client base. 

What Our Clients Say

Stephanie & Idan

Lior was the first, and only, photographer we met.From the moment we met him, we knew that he was the person we want to capture our wedding.

Lior and his amazing team documented the event perfectly, with the most natural, proffesional and moving photos there are. 


Dona & Raanan

There's no doubt that Lior Nir and his team are professionals who do unique, thorough and remarkable work. 

The team is gracious, charming and funny (qualities that are very important in people who accompany you for such long hours, in the most important and moving day).

We couldn't have asked for a better experience than the one we got, or materials in a higher level. The level is so high that the vibe, the atmosphere, the small and test of those moments transcend through the photos and will remain with us forever.

We are grateful and recommend Lior Nir and his team with great warmth and without any hesitations. 

Yael (Yaya) & Amit

Lior's conduct towards the event and on the day of the wedding was perfect - it was clear this was a guy who came to do serious work - he was creative, initiative and very attentive to situations. 

Beyond the fact that he's a charming and proffesional guy, we are absolutely smitten with the photos. Everything's so beautiful and moving. We really get to relive the experience. A real pleasure.


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Shahar & Soohil

Dear Lior,

It's very difficult to put into words the experience, the outputs and the special bond we formed with you.

From our first meeting, we were enchanted by work and your personality and from that point we had no doubt... you would be our photographer. 

We don't know how many people think about it or not but eventually photographers are the ones who surround us on the day of the wedding throughout the most significant, sensitive, difficult, beautiful and magical moments. Which is why it's so important to choose photographers who are people first, and that's Lior. Pleasant, professional, thorough and with an eye-print that simply cannot be described. 


We couldn't have made a better choice than the one we did. You are a true artist. 




Maria & Ran

Big thanks to Lior, a rare and talented man, and big thanks to Idan Tzror the videographer who produced a-m-a-z-i-n-g movies. We enjoyed every minute of it! Without you guys it wouldn't have been than much fun!!!

Starting from the preparations and the bridal shop, through handing out words of reassurance and documenting each moving moment, to the outdoor photos that came out like a fashion production, and of course, in the event itself - Lior captured the moments perfectly, blended in with the crowd brilliantly, exuded warmth, sensitivity and a clear understanding of each situation. 

Of course meeting the deadlines and material drop-off was done impeccably, just as promised.


With love, Maria and Ran. 

Gal & Inbal

The guests have left, the tables have been cleared and the checks have been deposited.


That's it, this event that you've been working on for about 6 months ended in a moment, and  what you'll have left from the big day are the memories, photos and videos. 

Luckily for us, we chose Lior Nir as our photographer. Lior demonstrated professionalism like no others, right from the moment we first met and up until the moment the materials were delivered to us.

There's not a moment in the wedding which wasn't captured in the lens; Lior just got us.

It's hard to summarize the experience because every time you open the album or watch the video, it just happens again. That feeling of 'how lucky am I to have chosen Lior and his amazing team'.

It was a blast. We thank you so much!


Daniel & Michael

Liori (yes, Liori... you'll soon understand why) I found through online search of a wedding photographer. His amazing work is what made me call, the way we connected with him and the way he treats his clients, is what made me stay and made my husband feel the same way. 

Other than the fact that we have gorgeous photos and that he really captured the most important moments (there are no words to describe his work), we made a friend for life. 

Working with someone who's insanely talented and with a golden touch, that produces impressive outputs and is also a charming, smart and sensitive man is great privilege. Just so you know. 

Maor & Ye'arit

Right from the moment we first met Lior, we know the search was over.

We met a person who's charming, attentive, reliable, knows 'what's what' and above it all, crazy talented professional.

Lior and his team were charming throughout the day and the event, and we got the same feedback from our guests. 

The biggest joy was receiving the photos! He know how the capture amazing moments and the photos are simply beautiful, each and every one!

If you're debating and considering Lior and you're hear looking for recommendations to help you decide, than stop debating. Lior Nir is your guy! You have my word!!! We strongly recommend! 


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